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Here's what's included in this FREE ​excerpt from the eBook:

  • ​The Mixiterranean Lifestyle Cheat Sheet
  • Sample Set of Meal Cheat Sheets: Super Smoothies
  • ​5 Steps to Simplify Behavior Change That Lasts

​Learn more ​below about the eBook and how these ​tools fit into the Mixiterranean Lifestyle​.

Hi, I'm Elaine. ​ As a wellness educator and former Jenny Craig Weight Loss Consultant, I was determined to find out why so many smart, fabulous, successful clients who had reached their goal weight following a structured eating plan, ended up gaining it all back after leaving the program.  What I discovered was that it had nothing to do with their desire, willpower, or capabilities—and everything to do with this old proverb:

​​​​​Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
​Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

I realized that it wasn't their fault​—I was giving them the fish instead of teaching them "how" to fish. They were learning how to follow a dietary protocol​—but they weren't learning the daily strategies and skills necessary to develop the lifestyle habits that result in transformation and lasting change. 

So after ​lots of research and tons of trial-and-error, I finally uncovered the exact formula for teaching people "how to fish" and I share it with you in my new eBook, The Mixiterranean Lifestyle Made Easy.

A Flexible, More Loving Approach to Weight Loss, Healthy Eating & Vibrant ​Living

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The Ultimate Guide to Food Freedom!

The Mixiterranean Lifestyle ​takes an entirely new approach to achieving ​food happiness, sustained weight loss, and optimal health​by banishing the one-size-fits-all diet philosophy. It offers a ​customizable plan tailored to your specific needs as an individual by empowering you with a complete system and a set of tools to help you change the way you eat forever.

It takes the best of three top dietsVegan, Mediterranean & Paleoand merges them in a ​unique and flexible way. It shows you how to eat a diverse meals, pulling from these three dietary approaches, in any interchangeable way you choose. It ​focuses on nutrition, wellness, meal planning & prepping, and lifestyle habit change. Most importantly, it ​​highlights the important role that real, whole foods from the earth have in your daily diet as powerful medicine—​and their amazing ability to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

From it's ultra-flexible eating approach to it's practical strategies for lifestyle habit change to it's seamless meal planning & prepping tools, it can't help but transform your health and lifeone loving meal at a time. 

Look no further, this is the last eating plan you'll ever need, because once you master the basics​you'll never have to go on another diet again! 

What's in the eBook?

This Comprehensive 6-Part ​​​Guide Includes:

​Table of Contents

​PART 1:   The Mixiterranean Lifestyle

PART 2:  The Six Pillars of Wellness 

PART 3:   Nutrition 101

PART 4:  5 Steps to Simplify Behavior Change That Lasts

PART 5:   Meal Prep Made Easy & 2-Week Meal Plan

PART 6:  10 One-Page Kitchen Cheat Sheets

What's a Mixiterranean?

A M​​ixiterranean is Someone Who: 

  • ​is tired of dietary dogma and restrictive eating and is ready for true lifestyle transformation that lasts
  • ​embraces dietary diversityeating a wide variety of real, whole foods from the earth ​that suit their individual needs
  • ​is ready to learn about their unique body and become their own study of one​and the most vibrant version of themselves 
  • ​​is willing to explore, experiment, and create a personalized eating plan​specific to them

The great thing about this eating plan is that ​EVERY recipe in this eBook ​shows you how to make the meal either Vegan, Mediterranean or Paleoand you always have the freedom to choose!​​

  • Do you want an animal-free morning? Have aVegan breakfast.
  • Are you craving a little meat at noon? Eat a Paleo Lunch.
  • Do you feel like having an evening glass of wine? Enjoy a Mediterranean dinner
  • Voilà, you're a Mixiterranean!

    What's The Mixiterranean Lifestyle?

    PART 1:​  The Mixiterranean Lifestyle

    Mixing-up Your Way to Vibrant Health!

    Free of judgement and restrictions, this eBook explains the Vegan, MediterraneanPaleo diets and gives you a solid nutrition foundation. It teaches you how to pull from these three ​eating styles to find an eating pattern that supports your current state of health, is satisfying and sustainable, and makes you feel your very best. Before you know it, you'll drop the labels, find your own unique eating style, and begin to nourish youself the way your body naturally guides you. 

    Does dairy make your skin break out, or do you enjoy a little feta on your salad? Do you feel bloated when you eat gluten, or can you tolerate small amounts? Do you need to eat meat a few times a week to maintain your energy, or is animal protein difficult for you to digest?

    These are some of the questions you'll ask youself as you explore the Mixiterranean Lifestyle way of eating. Answering these questions will help you determine which foods and ​eating pattern best supports you and your body. You'll ​eventually find your own macronutrient (protein, fat, and carbohydrate) ​​"sweet-spot" balancewhich is different for everyone.

    By tuning into your own body and observing how it reacts to certain foods, you'll be on you way to discovering what works best for your unique metabolism and overall well-being.

    The Mixiterranean Lifestyle
    Food Philosophy

    ​Eat fresh, whole foods from the earth, unprocessed and unrefined, most of the time, and enjoy guiltless indulgences once in a while.

    mix: to combine, unite, or join

    -terranean: of or relating to the earth

    How can I look and feel my very best every day?

    PART 2:  ​The Six Pillars of Wellness

    The Six Pillars of Wellness

    1.  Shield the Mitochondria
    2.  Strengthen Friendly Gut Bacteria
    3.  Steady Inflammation
    4.  Stabilize Blood Sugar
    5.  Support Detoxification Pathways
    6.  Select a Healthy Lifestyle

    The Six Pillars of Wellness are the building blocks to achieving optimal health. Like the pillars of a building, together they support the integrity of your whole body temple. Each pillar carries a certain amount of weight and if one or more pillars become dysfunctional, the remaining pillars must carry the burdenwhich can lead to imbalance and disease. 

    You'll ​discover the critical role each one plays in your health and well-being and you'll learn how to maintain balance and flow. When you know how your body functions, it's much easier to make choices that support your optimal health. With this knowledge, you'll be on your way to improving your health and quality of life in a way that you never thought possible.

    Why is nutrition so important?

    PART 3:  Nutrition 101

    ​Nutrition 101

    Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, because your body needs nutrients to survive. It's essential to understand how various food components interact inside your body to influence either health or disease. Good nutrition means getting the right balance of nutrients in the correct amounts​from nutrient-rich foods on a daily basis. This section simplifies basic nutrition principles in an easy-to-understand way. It covers:

    • Micronutrients
    • Macronutrients
    • Phytonutrients
    • Enzymes

    Nutrition 101 will teach you how to eat for optimal health & longevity and which nutrient-dense foods to focus on dailyand why.  This eBook is jam-packed with yummy, easy-to-make recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that have just the right combination of nutrients from delicious, whole foods. Meals that will help you skyrocket your energy, tame inflammation, boost the immune system, and control your blood sugarso you can ​begin to look better, ​feel healthier, and live longer.

    How can I acquire healthy habits that stick?

    PART 4:  ​​5 Steps to Simplify Behavior Change That Lasts

    5 Steps to ​Healthy Behavior Change 

    1.  ​Reassess Your Values
    2.  Know Your Compelling Reasons
    3.  Clarify Your Long-term & Short-term Goals
    4.  Have Systems in Place
    5.  Learn to Show Up for Yourself

    The media tells us that we can lose ten pounds in ten days or have six-pack abs in six weeks. So, it's no wonder we've come to expect instant results when it comes to losing weight​and we get discouraged and give up when​ it doesn't ​happen as quickly as we think it should. ​Unfortunately, we've been conditioned to believe that change is something that happens quickly and easily. But as we know, change is one of the hardest things to do​that is, unless we follow the right steps.

    The 5 Steps to Simply Behavior Change That Lasts offers you practical strategies and techniques that will ​show you exactly how to master the small, everyday behaviors that gradually lead to amazing results. Using the meal planning system and tools in this eBook, you'll reduce brain fatigue, adapt the right set of lifestyle skills, and transform your eating habits to achieve remarkable and lasting success. 

    How can I learn to meal prep like a pro?

    PART 5:  ​​Meal Prep Made Easy & 2-Week Meal Plan

    Finally, an Incredibly Simple & Flexible Meal Planning System that includes:

    • ​Master Food List
    • ​Food Substitutions Chart
    • Weekly Menus
    • ​Grocery Lists
    • ​50+ Recipes with Photos
    • Prep-Ahead Schedules
    • ​Prep-Ahead Chopping Lists
    • Prep-Ahead Task Sheets
    • ​12 Sets of Mix & Match Meal Cheat Sheets
    • 10 ​Kitchen Cheat Sheets

    ​Mastering Your Kitchen​the Key to Your Success!

    ​No matter how you slice it, dice it, or spice it​healthy eating starts in the kitchen. Mastering your kitchen by having a complete system in place that gives you the structure and tools you need to implement healthy eating and sustainable habits is the key to your success.

    This 2-week meal plan ​incorporates what I call "structured flexibility"​structured enough to keep you on track, yet flexible enough to keep it fresh and exciting. It sets the foundation and will empower you to make the ​​lasting changes to your diet, your health, and your lifein a simple and easy-to use-format.​

    These meal-planning tools will seamlessly guide you step-by-step ​ as you build new skills and habits. Before you know it, you'll be on your way to creating your own customized meal plans and signature recipes that you can be proud of!

    Click on image to enlarge.

    ​A ​Cheat Sheet Summary of the Three Diets

    Although there are many contradictions among the Vegan, Mediterranean & Paleo diets, there are also many similarities. Each one ​has been shown to help prevent or reverse ​chronic conditions, ​support weight loss, and improve health outcomes. These positive results are mostly due to their similarities rather than their differences 

    ​​The Mixiterranean Lifestyle Cheat Sheet ​illustrates the ​crossover among these three diets. The overlapping areas on the Venn diagram show their commonalities. The "no signs" indicate the foods that are not ​included on that specific diet. The section in the center of the diagram shows the solid nutrition foundation that all three diets share​which is the ​​basis of the Mixiterranean Lifestyle way of eating. 

    ​Although there are certain restrictions in each diet, you are always free to "lean out" from the center in any directionchoosing or avoiding foods that best suit your individual needsto create a customized eating style that you love and loves you back.

    Master Food List & Food Substitutions Chart

    The Master Food List is a complete 2-page list of all the health-supporting foods included in the Mixiterranean Lifestyle eating plan and is divided into food categories. When you stick to eating the ​foods on this list at least 80% of the time, you'll be on your way to creating a solid foundation of nutritious eating. The other 20% of the time, you're free to enjoy what I call "guiltless indulgence" foods. These are foods that may not necessarily be the healthiest, but they help keep you sane and give you pure enjoyment while eating themwithout any regrets! Finding your own healthy balance is what will ultimately lead you to your personal optimal health and wellness. 

    The Food Substitutions Chart is a 2-page quick-reference guide to help you make nutritionally comparable ingredient swaps when ​adjusting recipes to suit your needs​without compromising flavor. It's divided into food categories and is the perfect place to look when you need to avoid certain foods, or simply want to be more creative with your meals. 

    Click on image to enlarge.

    Click on image to enlarge.

    Daily "Meal Themes" for Structure & Ease

    Each weekly menu includes a 5-day meal plan ​with​ breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a daily snack of choice, along with a grocery list and recipesleaving two days open for recipe experimentation, repeating favorite meals, or dining out. 

    I've created a versatile meal planning system that incorporates daily "meal themes"​for structure and ease. Having pre-determined daily meal themes reduces decision making, saves time and money, and makes planning and grocery shopping quicker and much easier. Click on the weekly menu to see the different meal themes ​that form the backbone of this meal planning system. 

    The beauty of this system is that you can plug-in any favorite recipe that falls under any of the meal-theme categories into your weekly menu​any time you likeso there's never any boredom!

    Keep in mind that with this system, I'm simply offering you guidelinesnot rules. You can follow the menus and recipes to the letter, or you can mix & match meals or days to create your own customized menus. The idea is to develop a meal plan that suits your individual taste preferences and current lifestyle​, so that it's enjoyable and sustainable for you.

    Recipes & ​12 Sets of Mix & Match Meal Cheat Sheets

    The 2-Week Meal Plan includes over 50 recipes with photos to ensure that your meals turn out picture perfect! For customization and an easy way to quickly throw meals together, there are also 12 Sets of Mix & Match Meal Cheat Sheets​ that include meal formulas. The ​meal formulas will help you create an endless number of signature dishes on the flywithout using a recipe! 

    The eBook includes a Set of Mix & Match Meal Cheat Sheets for:

  • super smoothies
  • chia pudding
  • yogurt parfaits
  • overnight porridge
  • breakfast hash
  • ​salad jars
  • blended soups
  • busy bowls
  • easy wraps
  • energy balls
  • granola
  • dressings
  • Each Set of Mix & Match ​Meal Cheat Sheets includes: 

    • 2 Recipes​One recipe for each of the two weeks of the meal plan.
    • Build Your Ownshows you how to create your own perfectly-balanced ​meal using a ​meal formula to mix & match ingredients.
    • ​Recipe Ideasgives you four ​more mouth-watering ​recipe ideas using the meal formula.
    • My Mixiterranean ​Creationsa blank, printable template to jot down ​the signature recipes you create using the ​meal formulaso you can recreate them later on.

    ​Set of Chia Pudding Cheat Sheets

    Click on image to enlarge.

    Click on image to enlarge.

    Any Recipe Can be Made Vegan, Mediterranean, or Paleo!

    Every recipe has a photo, ingredients list, and directions to make the meal either a Vegan, Mediterranean, or PaleoAll recipes are laid out in table format so you can easily determine which ingredients to use for each version. If a listed ingredient has a white background and no column boundaries, that ingredient is “universal,” meaning it complies with all three diets and should be included in the recipe.

    If a listed ingredient has a colored backgroundVegan is green, Mediterranean is blue, and Paleo is orangethat specific ingredient corresponds to the diet matching its background color. Once you decide which version of a recipe you'd like to make, simply include all the universal ingredients plus the ingredients with the corresponding background color of the diet you've chosen. It's as simple as that!

    All the Meal Prepping Tools You Need to Succeed

    The 2-Week Meal Plan includes all the tools you need to meal prep like a pro. Meal prepping is the practice of planning and preparing meals and/or food components ahead of time so you can have easy access to them during the weekminimizing your time spent in the kitchen. This eBook covers several different approaches to meal prepping. However, whichever one you choose, these tools will be extremely invaluable in guiding the way.

    ​With this meal planning system, you'll​ mostly ​be preparing breakfasts and lunches ahead of time. For dinners, you'll simply be prepping recipe components in advance​like a sous chef​. This way, during the week, your future-self will ​have quick access to prepared, ​​readily-to-go ingredients ​to create ​fresh, hot dinners every night!

    ​The meal prepping tools include:

    • Grocery Listseparates foods by category to help you easily navigate the grocery store, and also includes a column for food substitutions.
    • Prep-Ahead Schedulean overview of the entire week that lists all the small, daily tasks that can be done each day​, ​with check-boxes, to make your entire week run smoothly.
    • Prep-Ahead Chopping Listshows you exactly which produce to pre-chop, so that making meals during the week will be much faster and easier.
    • Prep-Ahead Task Sheetwill help you stay organized and on track during your main prep day by listing all the prep-ahead tasks to be accomplished that dayso you can maximize your time in the kitchen.

    Click on image to enlarge.

    Click on image to enlarge.

    ​Printable, Blank Meal-Planning Templates

    ​​After working with the 2-Week Meal Plan, you'll begin to gain the skills and confidence to veer off on your own. You'll easily be able to create your own customized meal plans by using these blank meal-planning templates as guides.

    Th​ese printable​s were created to ​help you customize your own menus and meal prepping sessions by simply filling in the blanks. You can use these blank meal-planning templates as blueprints so your time in the kitchen is more efficient​ and enjoyable.

    They include the following blank templates:

    • Weekly Menu Plan
    • Weekly Grocery List
    • Prep-Ahead Schedule
    • Prep-Ahead Chopping List
    • Prep-Ahead Task Sheet

    How can I become more confident in the kitchen?

    PART 6:  ​​10 One-Page Kitchen Cheat Sheets

    ​No more searching the internet for basic kitchen techniques and cooking times​over and over again.

    • 10 of the most practical and useful kitchen cheat sheets that will become your new best friends.
    • ​Specifically designed to help you become more organized, efficient, and confident in the kitchen.
    • ​They make spending time in the kitchen a lot less overwhelming and much more enjoyable.
    • These chef secrets and cooking techniques will make you wonder how you ever lived without them!

    Click on image to enlarge.

    1. Buying Produce
    2.  How to Wash & Store Produce
    3.  Vegetable Cooking Times
    4.  Legume Cooking Times
    5.  Rice & Grain Cooking Times
    6.  How to Make Non-Dairy Milks 
    7.  How to Make Stocks
    8.  Knife Skills
    9.  Basic Knife Cuts
    10.  How to Store Fresh Herbs

    ​So are you ready to ​lose the weight for good while enjoying life & eating healthy delicious food?

    ​Just Imagine:

    • ​always knowing which foods make you feel your best and gaining ​pleasure from eating​while consistently losing weight.
    • going to your refrigerator for quick, healthy, ​scrumptious​ meals—instead of heading to the local drive-thru
    • going to a restaurant or party and enjoying a nice glass of wine with friends​without any guilt, whatsoever
    • going on a lovely vacation and not having to be restricted because you're "on a diet"
    • effortlessly slipping into a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite top​ready to take on the world!

    ​All of this is possible with the MIXITERRANEAN Lifestyle!

    M​I​XITERRANEAN Love . . .

    Wow, there's such a wealth of health information in this ebook! Everything anyone can learn about related to food is all meticulously thought out to help guide you to understanding all you need to know about diet and nutrition. From explaining the type of diets available, to informing you about gut health, giving you step-by-step guided meal plans, recipes, and food handling tips and tricks, Elaine explains it all! Her intent to genuinely educate, and guide readers to understand all things food related remarkably shines through her talented work!

    Ripsy B.

    After just one week, I feel so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Besides that, I've learned so much about nutrition. Adding more vegetables to my diet was easy and the recipes are delicious! I love how the cheat sheets give me tons of ideas to make mix-and-match meals for all three diets, so it's never boring.  I feel lighter, less bloated, and I'm sleeping better. People at work are commenting on my beautiful, organized lunches. Goodbye rigid diets forever!

    Nancy G.

    Wow! I can't believe everything that's included in this eBook. I've tried to meal prep in the past, but I've always given up. Now I have the right tools plus a healthy, flexible eating plan for life! I'm more organized and it's made such a difference in my health. Also, it's never been easier to stick to a diet while eating out since I can have pretty much anything! Thanks for making it so easy and customizable. I feel like I'm back in charge of my health again!

    Diane N.

    I'm so glad I got this ebook! The recipes are tasty and simple to follow.  I feel like a gourmet chef! And many require no cooking at all, just simple assembly. I especially like how easy it is to cater to my family's different dietary needs using the same recipe. And being able to easily switch diets at any time is so refreshing! I'm having more fun in the kitchen and I finally have a handle on how my body works and what to eat to be healthy. P.S. I love looking in my refrigerator now!

    Amelia L.

    ​There's no better day than today to start feeling great & living an insanely delicious life!

    Don't waste another minute or dime on trendy diets that never last, confusing meal planning apps that charge you monthly, or pricey weight loss programs that dole out cookie-cutter protocols.

    Instead, invest in a complete system that builds foundational skills and routines that become part of daily livingsolid, life-changing habits that no one can ever take away from you.

    Regardless of your age, how much you weigh, or how many times you've lost and gained weight, you deserve to eat well and have a body you adore and a life you loveand it's never too late to start!

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