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The MIXITERRANEAN Lifestyle Made Easy


A Simple & Sane Approach to an

 Insanely Delicious Life!

Sound familiar?

  • ​You want to eat healthy, but you're confused by all the different diets out there.
  • ​You have veggies spoiling in your fridge because you don't have a plan for them.
  • ​You spend more time watching Tasty videos than you spend in the kitchen.
  • ​You wish you could hire a healthy meal delivery service but it's ​not in your current budget.
  • ​You have food allergies or sensitivities and need an easy way to create healthy meals around them.
  • ​You want to meal prep like a pro so that mealtimes are less stressful and more enjoyable.
  • ​You like the idea of easily whipping up a Vegan, Mediterranean, or Paleo ​meal any time you choose.
  • ​You're "done with dieting" and want a healthy, flexible, and delicious way to eat for the rest of your life.

If ​any of these statements ​resonate with you,
you're in the right place!

Hi, I'm Elaine. I'm a Wellness Educator, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and Cheat Sheet Maven. As a former Jenny Craig Weight Loss Consultant, I realized that you don't need more diet rules and food restrictionsyou need variety,  flexibility, and a solid framework for healthy eating that you can easily customize and build upon to create sustainable habits that will serve you for a lifetime. ​So ​​I’ve ​created an ​eating ​approach that does exactly that. This new hybrid eating system embraces dietary diversity by merging the Vegan, Mediterranean, and Paleo diets in a unique way that I call The Mixiterranean Lifestyle.


The MIXITERRANEAN Lifestyle Made Easy



Finally, the diet solution you've been waiting for!

mix: to combine, unite, or join
of or relating to the earth

The MIXITERRANEAN Lifestyle mixes up the best of three top diets, Vegan, Mediterranean & 
Paleo, and emphasizes
what they all have in commoneating mostly fresh, whole foods from the earth!

The MixiterraneaN Lifestyle
Food Philosophy

"Eat fresh, whole foods from the earth, unprocessed and unrefined, most of the time, and enjoy guiltless indulgences once in a while."


Cheat Sheet

The Mixiterranean Lifestyle is a diverse and flexible way of eating that emphasizes the commonalities of the Vegan, Mediterranean, and Paleo diets. It gives you the freedom to explore, experiment, and create a personalized eating plan that supports your unique biochemistry and current health goals. The foods in the center of the diagram make up the basis of the diet. From there, you can "lean out" towards any one of the three diets at any time—for a meal, a day, a week, or any interchangeable way you'd like.

 As a ​Mixiterranean, you never have to worry about going off your diet again!

What's a Mixiterranean?

A Mixiterranean is someone who is tired of dietary dogma and restrictive dieting, so instead embraces dietary diversityeating a wide variety of foods, mostly from the earth.

A Mixiterranean mixes up the best of three top dietsVegan, Mediterranean, and Paleoto create a customized eating plan that aligns with his or her taste preferences and health objectives.

EVERY recipe in the eBook includes the ingredient list and directions 
to make the meal either Vegan, Mediterranean or Paleo!

  • Do you want an animal-free morning? Have a Vegan breakfast.
  • Are you craving a little meat at noon? Eat a Paleo Lunch.
  • Do you feel like having an evening glass of wine? Enjoy a Mediterranean dinner.

Voilà, you're a Mixiterranean!

And, you can create an endless number of signature dishes without a recipe using the one-page mix-and-match meal formula cheat sheets to make:

  • ​super smoothies
  • ​chia pudding
  • ​​yogurt parfaits
  • ​​overnight porridge
  • ​breakfast hash
  • ​salad jars
  • ​​blended soups
  • ​busy bowls
  • ​easy wraps
  • ​​​energy balls
  • ​​granola
  • ​​dressings

Customizing your own meals to suit your personal taste preferences and health goals gives you food freedom​and is ​the key to long-term success.

Because when you enjoy what you’re eating and how your living while you’re losing weight, it doesn't feel like torture, you don't feel like you're missing out, and the weight stays off permanentlyno willpower required!

​​Dietary diversity is the way our ancestors ate since the beginning of time.

For many people, dietary diversity is the magic formula for optimal health.

Dietary diversity is the way our ancestors ate since the beginning of time. The foundation of their diet was mostly plants (Vegan), and when it was available, they ate animal foods (Mediterranean, Paleo).  

Dietary diversity ​ensures that over time, you're getting all the important nutrients your body needs to thrive by​ eating a wide variety of nutritious foods.

Dietary diversity keeps your body from adapting to any one diet and becoming stagnant, which can cause food sensitivities and slow down weight loss or weight maintenance. 

Dietary diversity increases bacterial diversity, which strengthens the friendly bacteria in your gut and greatly improves your health. 

​​By following this diverse, plant-centric eating approach you can expect to experience:

  • unstoppable energy
  • ​reduced chronic inflammation
  • healthier, more youthful looking skin
  • ​less bloating and belly fat
  • stabilized blood sugar levels
  • mental sharpness and clarity
  • hormonal balance
  • inner-calmness
  • ​vibrant overall-health
  • a longer, more enjoyable & delicious life!

​With all the confusion out there about what to eat and where to begin, TheMIXITERRANEAN Lifestyle gives you a solid nutrition foundation and a perfect starting point on your personal journey to vibrant health and longevity. ​You can veer off ​in the direction of any one of these three eating stylesVegan, Mediterranean, ​or Paleo​any time you choose, ​using the interchangeable recipes.

This is the last eating plan you'll ever need, because once you master the basics, you'll never have to go on another diet again! Before you know it, you’ll drop the labels, find your own unique eating style, and begin to nourish yourself the way your body naturally guides you.

This extensive eBook lays out the entire plan in full detail. It offers easily-digestible health and nutrition information and all the tools you need to meal prep like a pro—food guides, exchange lists, menus, recipes, grocery lists, ​meal formulas, prep-ahead plansand blank templates—so you can seamlessly create a personalized eating plan that is delicious, enjoyable, and easy-to-follow.

Although there are many contradictions among the Vegan, Mediterranean, and Paleo diets, each ​one has been shown to:

  •  improve health outcomes
  •  reverse chronic conditions
  •  aid in weight loss

These positive ​health benefits are ​due to their similarities rather than their differences.

So ​​can't we all just get along?

Knowledge​—put into actionis power.

​Much more than just a healthy eating plan, this complete all-in-one ​guide ​shows you how to meal plan & prep like a pro, while also teaching you the "whys" behind the healthy changes you are making. ​Because when your brain is on board, taking action and creating healthy, new habits becomes soooo much easier!

Here's what's included in this
4-Part eBook:

The Six Pillars of Wellness

  1.  Shield the Mitochondria
  2.  Strengthen Friendly Gut Bacteria
  3.  Steady Inflammation
  4.  Stabilize Blood Sugar
  5.  Support Detoxification Pathways
  6.  Select a Healthy Lifestyle

The Six Pillars of Wellness are critical to your overall health and well-being, so it's important to learn the role each one plays. When you know how your body functions, it's much easier to make choices that support optimal health. With this knowledge, you'll be on your way to ​improving your health and quality of life in a way that you​ never thought possible.

​​Nutrition 101

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health, ​so it's essential to understand how various food components​ interact within your body to influence either health or disease. Good nutrition means getting the right balance of nutrients in the correct amounts from nutrient-rich foods on a daily basis. This section simplifies basic nutrition principles. It shows you how to eat for optimal health and longevity, and which nutrient-dense foods to focus on daily​and why. It covers:​

  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Phytonutrients
  • Enzymes

​Meal Prep Made Easy &
2-Week Meal Plan

Instead of stressing out week-after-week about what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this meal plan includes two weeks of menus and recipes and shows you a simple, systematic way of planning, prepping, and organizing all your weekly meals going forward. Simply by investing a little time on the weekends to plan and prep-ahead, you'll be rewarded with a refrigerator full of healthy meal components that you can mix-and-match during the week to easily create your own delicious, nutrient-packed Vegan, Mediterranean, ​​and Paleo signature meals—in a snap! It includes:

  • 2 Weekly Menus
  • ​Grocery Lists
  • ​Prep-Ahead Plans
  • ​Master Food List
  • Food Substitution Chart
  • ​45 ​Mixiterranean Recipes with Photos
  • ​Meal Formula Cheat Sheets
  • ​Meal-Idea Generator Cheat Sheets
  • Printable Meal-Planning Templates ​
  • and much more!

​10 One-Page Kitchen Cheat Sheets

​These 10 must-have kitchen cheat sheets teach you ​​​the most useful kitchen basics. These one-page guides help you become more efficient in the kitchen, improve your cooking skills, and increase your kitchen confidence. You'll refer to these cheat sheets often, so you might want to print​ and laminate them. They may even become your new best friends!​

  1. ​ Buying Produce: Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen
  2. ​ How to Wash Produce
  3.  Vegetable Cooking Times
  4.  Legume Cooking Times
  5.  ​Grain & Rice Cooking Times
  6.  How to Make Non-Dairy Milks  
  7.  ​How to Make Stocks
  8.  ​Knife Skills
  9.  Basic Knife Cuts
  10.  How to Store Fresh Herbs

​M​enus & Prep-Ahead Plans

​Recipes & Meal Ideas


​​​Use these tools to create an endless number of delicious, nutritiousVegan, Mediterranean​ & Paleo meals in no time. Lots of recipes and tons of meal formulas that make it easy to create meals on the fly​—without a recipe! And when you complete half the prep-work​ in advance, putting together weekly meals becomes effortless. You'll be extremely proud of yourself when you open up your refrigerator during the week and see all the healthy, ​ready-to-go ingredients looking back at you!


​Ten of the most useful one-page Kitchen Cheat Sheets specifically designed to help you become more organized, efficient, and confident in the kitchen. These cheat sheets will save you hours of time searching the internet for basic kitchen techniques and cooking times, over and over again. They make spending time in the kitchen a lot less overwhelming and much more enjoyable—you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

​10 One-Page Kitchen Cheat Sheets

​Every recipe has a photo, ingredients list, and directions to create either
aVegan, Mediterranean, or Paleo version of the meal!


How to Read a ​MIXITERRANEAN Recipe

All the recipes are laid out in table format so you can easily determine which ingredients to use to make the meal either Vegan, Mediterranean, or Paleo. If an ingredient has a white background and no column boundaries, that ingredient is “universal,” meaning it complies with all three diets and should be included in the recipe. If an ingredient has a colored background (Vegan is green, Mediterranean is blue, and Paleo is orange), that specific ingredient corresponds to the diet matching its background color. Once you decide which diet you'd like to follow for a given recipe, simply include all the universal ingredients plus the ingredients that match the color for the desired diet. ​


After just one week, I feel so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Adding more vegetables to my diet was easy and the recipes are delicious! I love how the cheat sheets give me tons of ideas for all three diets so it's never boring. I feel lighter, less bloated, and I'm sleeping better. People at work are commenting on my beautiful, organized lunches! Goodbye rigid diets forever!

Nancy G.

I'm so glad I got this ebook! The recipes are tasty and simple to follow. I feel like a gourmet chef! ​I especially like how easy it is to cater to my family's different dietary needs using the same recipe. And being able to easily switch diets at any time is so refreshing! I'm having more fun in the kitchen and​ I finally have a handle on what to eat ​to be healthy. ​ P.S. I love looking in my refrigerator now!

​Amelia L.

Wow! I can't believe everything that's included in this eBook. I've tried to meal prep in the past, but I've always given up. Now I have the right tools plus a flexible eating plan for life! I'm more organized and it's made such a difference in my health. Also, it's never been easier to stick to a diet while ​eating out since I can have pretty much anything!​​ Thanks for making it so easy and customizable!

Diane N.

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