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The 3 Main Obstacles to Losing Weight & ​Eating Healthy​​ and How I Can Help You Overcome Them

Here's what may be holding you back from having a body you adore and a life you love.

Do any of these sound familiar?

​1. I'm really busy and I don't have time to cook let alone figure out ​a meal plan.

Solution #1:​  If you're struggling with which diet to follow and how to fit healthy eating into your busy lifestyle, my new eBook ​"The Mixiterranean Lifestyle Made Easy" ​takes you by the hand and helps you master nutrition, eating well, meal planning & prepping, and lifestyle habit changeall in one comprehensive guide.​ It's the last eating plan you'll ever need, ​

2. I don't know what to eat or which foods are best for me.

Solution #2:​  ​Knowledge put into action is power. So to help ​educate you on your ​path to healthy eating, I offer you​ my ​searchable ​Food as Medicine Database. This FREE easy-to-use database teaches you about the healing power of whole foods​in small, bite-size ​pieces​​so ​the information ​is easily absorbed and utilized. It's like Nutrition Cliff Notes at your fingertips!

3. I know how and what to eat, but I just can't seem to stick to it!

Solution #3:  If you know more about dieting ​ than a nutritionist, but you just can't seem stay be consistent, my paperback book "Weight Loss the Screenplay" helps you get to the heart of of the matter. You'll finally understand why you haven't ​had long-term success in the past and you'll learn the secret to consistently following through with your health & wellness goals​.

Solution #1: 
"​The Mixiterranean Lifestyle Made Easy" eBook

Say good-bye to trendy diets, juice cleanses, and slimming teas​​​—and all the promises they can never keep. And say hello to "The Mixiterranean Lifestyle Made Easy," a ​customizable and sustainable approach to healthy eating and living that offers you the ultimate freedom of personal choice. 

As a wellness educator, I put everything I've learned about nutrition, eating well, meal planning & prepping, and lifestyle habit change into this multi-layered eBook. It offers complete ​personalization, while building foundational skills and routines that become part of ​daily​ living—solid life-changing habits that no one can ever take away from you. 

From it's ultra-flexible eating style to it's practical strategies for lifestyle habit change to it's seamless meal planning & prepping tools, it can't help but transform your health—so that you can enjoy your delicious life!

​Solution #2: 
The Food as Medicine Database​

This FREE ​searchable nutrition database contains a ​​gold mine of information about the healing properties of whole foods. It shows you which foods to focus on, why they’re good for you, ​and how to address specific health concerns using food as medicine. You can easily search b​y​ Nutrient, by Food, or by Health Condition​.

I even show you ​how to download the Food as Medicine Database ​to your mobile device like an ​APP​, so you'll always have quick and easy access to ​it​​—simply by clicking the icon on your home screen​. This database will become your go-to place for ​the most useful nutrition ​​information when you need it most​—Nutrition Cliff Notes at your fingertips! ​

​​​Solution #3:
​"Weight Loss the Screenplay" Paperback Book

What I finally discovered while on my own weight loss journey was that I was ​searching for the wrong thing. After many years, ​I realized that it was never about finding the perfect diet or being at the perfect weight. It was about finding that perfect place inside of me that loved mejust the way I am. It was about reconnecting to that part of me that knows I am worthy of loving myself completely—even in the process of transformation. It was about loving myself and my life while I was losing weight, instead of waiting for that magical day to arrive when I was thin and happy​—and could finally start living. 

​The body you're living in today is the only body that can take you to your dream body—so be kind to it! This book will take you gently by the hand and show how. ​​When your mindset is right and your spirit is light—your body naturally follows! 

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