Are you confused about what to eat
and which diet is best for you?

Vegan?  Mediterranean?  Paleo?
Oh my!


Oh my!

Don't settle for one diet
enjoy the variety and benefits of ALL THREE!

Hi, I'm Elaine. ​I'm a Wellness Educator, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, and ​Cheat Sheet Maven. As a former Jenny Craig Weight Loss Consultant, I realized​ that you don't need more ​diet rules and food restrictions​​​you need ​variety,  flexibility, and a ​solid framework ​for healthy eating that ​you can easily customize and build upon to create sustainable habits that will serve you for ​a lifetime.


"The Mixiterranean Lifestyle Made Easy" 


​I've cracked the diet code so you never have to worry about going off your diet again!

A healthy, new HYBRID of three top diets: 
Vegan, Mediterranean & Paleo

A flexible, sane, and delicious approach to eating for energy, vibrancy, and longevity.

The Mixiterranean Lifestyle

​"Eat fresh, whole foods from the earth, unprocessed and unrefined, most of the time, and enjoy guiltless indulgences once in a while."​

What's a Mixiterranean?

mix: to combine, unite, or join
​of or relating to the earth

A Mixiterranean is someone who is tired of dietary dogma and restrictive dieting, so instead embraces dietary diversityeating a wide variety of foods, mostly from the earth.

A Mixiterranean mixes up the best of three top dietsVegan, Mediterranean, and Paleoto create a customized eating plan that aligns with his or her taste preferences and health objectives.

The Mixiterranean Lifestyle
Cheat Sheet
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The Mixiterranean Lifestyle​ is a diverse and flexible way of eating that emphasizes the commonalities of the Vegan, Mediterranean, and Paleo diets. It gives you the freedom to explore, experiment, and create a personalized eating plan that supports your unique biochemistry and current health goals. The ​foods in the center of the diagram form the basis of the diet. From there, you can "lean out" towards any one of the three diets at any time—for a meal, a day, a week, or any interchangeable way you'd like. ​

As a Mixiterranean, you never have to worry about going ​off your diet again! 

EVERY recipe includes the ingredient list and directions 
to make​ the meal either Vegan, Mediterranean or Paleo!

  • ​Do you want an animal-free morning? Have a Vegan ​breakfast.
  • ​Are you craving a little meat at noon? Eat a Paleo Lunch.
  • ​Do you feel like having an evening glass of wine? Enjoy a Mediterranean dinner.

Voil​à, you're a Mixiterranean!

And, you can create an endless number of signature dishes without a recipe using the one-page mix-and-match meal formula cheat sheets to make:

  • ​super smoothies
  • ​chia pudding
  • ​​yogurt parfaits
  • ​​overnight porridge
  • ​breakfast hash
  • ​salad jars
  • ​​blended soups
  • ​busy bowls
  • ​easy wraps
  • ​​​energy balls
  • ​​granola
  • ​​dressings

Customizing your own meals to suit your personal taste preferences and health goals gives you food freedomand is the key to long-term success.

Because when you enjoy what you’re eating and how your living while you’re losing weight, it doesn't feel like torture, you don't feel like you're missing out, and the weight stays off permanentlyno willpower required!


For many people, dietary diversity is the magic formula for optimal health.

Dietary diversity is the way our ancestors ate since the beginning of time and it ensures that you're getting a wide variety of all the important nutrients your body needs to thrive.

How can this eBook help me?

​It includes everything you need to ​upgrade your health, have unstoppable​ energy, and get organized in the kitchen​so you can ​enjoy your delicious life!

​If you're looking for a ​flexible, sane, and delicious approach to ​managing your weight that ​you can easily sustain for a lifetime​this eBook is for you.

​If you're looking for a healthy and enjoyable way of eating and living that's different from anything​ you've ever tried before​this eBook is for you.


​Do you want to learn how certain foods and simple habits can ​improve your health forever?

​Everything you need to know about what to eat, why certain foods are ​good for you, and how to ​incorporate them into your daily diet. You'll also learn how to easily ​​implement healthy ​habits ​into your daily ​life​one habit at at time.​


​Do you want to amaze your ​family and friends with your ​impressive nutrition knowledge?

​Learning about health and nutrition can be complicated. In in this eBook, I cover the ​Six Pillars of Wellness along with the most useful and relevant nutrition information in an easily-digestible way. Nutrition 101 made simple!


​Do you want to meal prep like a pro so you ​have more free time to have more fun?

​​An entire section covers ​how to meal prepstep-by-step. It includes ​a foundational 2-week meal plan with menus, recipes, grocery lists, checklists, task sheets, and printables to help you ​make ​meal prepping a part of your ​everyday ​routine.


Do you want quick ​​tools to easily create hundreds of delicious Mixiterranean meals?

​All the cheat sheets​meal formulas, food lists, meal ideas, food swaps, and templatesto create your own mix-and-match customized meals and menu plans that ​align with your personal taste preferences and health goals.

Give it a try!

Download your FREE
Cheat Sheet, Smoothie Formula &
 Sample Recipes!

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Wow, there's so much wealth of health information in this book! Everything anyone can learn about related to food is all meticulously thought out to help guide you to understanding all you need to know about diet and nutrition. From explaining the type of diets available, to informing you about gut health, giving you step-by-step guided meal plans, recipes, and food handling tips and tricks, Elaine explains it all! Her intent to genuinely educate, and guide readers to understand all things food related remarkably shines through her talented work!

Ripsy B.


After just one week, I feel so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. And I've learned so much about nutrition. Adding more vegetables to my diet was easy and the recipes are delicious! I love how the cheat sheets give me tons of ideas to make mix-and-match meals for all three diets, so it's never boring.  I feel lighter, less bloated, and I'm sleeping better. People at work are commenting on my beautiful, organized lunches. Goodbye rigid diets forever!

Nancy G.


Wow! I can't believe everything that's included in this eBook. I've tried to meal prep in the past, but I've always given up. Now I have the right tools plus a healthy, flexible eating plan for life! I'm more organized and it's made such a difference in my health. Also, it's never been easier to stick to a diet while eating out since I can have pretty much anything! Thanks for making it so easy and customizable. I feel like I'm back in charge of my health again!

Diane N.


I'm so glad I got this ebook! The recipes are tasty and simple to follow.  I feel like a gourmet chef! And many require no cooking, just simple assembly. I especially like how easy it is to cater to my family's different dietary needs using the same recipe. And being able to easily switch diets at any time is so refreshing! I'm having more fun in the kitchen and I finally have a handle on how my body works and what to eat to be healthy. P.S. I love looking in my refrigerator now!

Amelia L.


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Food as Medicine

STOP counting calories, fat grams, and points and START counting NUTRIENTS instead!

Nutrition Cliff notes at your fingertips!

Search by nutrient

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Search by​ CONDITION

UP​GRADE your nutrition with this FREE searchable database and learn how WHOLE FOODS from the EARTH have the power to heal.

The more you know about nutrition and healing foods, the more inspired you'll be to live your healthiest life. When you understand how certain foods are ​benefiting  you—calming inflammation, balancing blood sugar,​ strengthening your heart, fighting cancer cells, enhancing your brain, killing off viruses, detoxing your liver, clearing your skin, ​repairing your gutHealing  becomes much more powerful!

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